AG Cuffill, painemittari

Tuotenro: K272460

Intubaatioputkien paineenmittaukseen.

AG CUFFILL Main Benefits: Accurate: Allows measuring and reading the exact cuff pressure without losing pressure during connection Accessible: Intuitive, easy and simple to use The operation of the device is the closest to the existing common practice, i.e., filling the cuff with a syringe Pocket-size and lightweight Designed as a cost-effective disposable device Safe: Allows measuring the cuff pressure without losing pressure during connection Allows filling of the cuff while controling the inflated air volume Eliminates the need to induce over pressure while measuring the cuff pressure - extremely important for pediatric use Minimizing chance for human error Recommended for single-patient use in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination Diverse: Suitable for hospital, first response medical use and home care use Provides indication of cuff pressure and volume Suitable for use with endotracheal and tracheotomy tubes as well as laryngeal masks


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