AniMat-carbon lämpömatto, 62 x 52 cm

Tuotenro: MAT0344

AniMat-carbon on kehitetty erityisesti eläinläketieteelliseen käyttöön. Kestävä PVC-päällysteinen polyesteripinta on vedenpitävä, kestää raapimista ja on helppopuhdisteinen.

estää hypotermian 620 x 520 mm
turvallinen ja miellyttävä

. HIGH TECHNOLOGY FOR HIGHEST EFFICIENCY Carbon Tech uses high density carbon fabric specifically designed for even heat distribution. The soft nature will move easily into any shape providing maximum patient comfort. EASY TO USE Once in use, Carbon Tech will reach its target temperature in less than 5 minutes. Carbon Tech is designed to maintain its target of temperature safety for a long period. SAFE HEATING Made of heating elements 6 times more important than classical heating mats, Carbon Tech delivers a low contact temperature while transfering to the animal the energy necessary for heating it up. Super-flat, Carbon Tech does not store heat , avoiding any risks of burns. ROBUST The protective coating on Carbon Tech is designed for maximum resistance to animal scratching and biting and is totally waterproof. HYGIENIC CarbonTech can be cleaned easily with water and soap. After drying, it can be disinfected with alcohol.

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