HF Diatermo MB 160

Tuotenro: 92535

MB 122 and MB 160 are HF electrosurgical units suitable to effect middle monopolar or bipolar electrosurgery. By selection of the modes of operation MB 122 and MB 160 provide pure cut, coagulated cut, forced coagulation, soft coagulation and, with forceps, bipolar coagulation. The use of either split or normal neutral plate is allowed. MB 160 is recommended in case of damp operational field, for instance mucous, or with tissue whose composition is varying with consequent need to have a reserve of usable power. For these reasons MB160 is suggested for Gynaecological and orthopaedic surgery. Leading-Edge Technology. These advanced concept devices enable highly professional surgery intervention thanks to ergonomic and safety features derived from high power theatre apparatus. Complete safety. Open Circuit (OC) Alarm warns the user that connection into the neutral plate has not been made or that the cable is disconnected or the neutral plate is not in contact with the patient. The alarm is signalled by an intermittent beep together with a flashing red light on the front panel. In this condition HF emission for cut and coagulation operation is switched off. OVT Alarm. The unit incorporates an internal circuit protection warns when the current delivery last too much long. Made in Italy. Technical Specifications • Minimum presectable power: 0 • Level step: 1 • Maximum output power CUT (W): 160 - 250 ohm • Maximum output power BLEND (W): 120 - 200 ohm • Maximum output power COAG FORCED (W): 100 - 150 ohm • Maximum output power COAC SOFT (W): 80 - 100 ohm • Maximum output power BIPOLAR (W): 60 - 100 ohm • Crest Factor CUT: 1.5 • Crest Factor BLEND: 2.1 • Crest Factor COAG FORCED: 2.0 • Crest Factor COAG SOFT: 1.7 • Crest Factor BIPOLAR: 1.5 • Working frequency: 600 kHz • Weight: 7 Kg • Size LxHxD mm: 260 x 110 x 265 • Operating voltage (switchable): 115-230 • Mains frequency (Hz): 50-60 • Fuses 230Vac (5x20) TIMED: 2x 3.15A • Fuses 115Vac (5x20) TIMED: 2x 6.3A • Electrical input power (VA): 350 • Electrical input current (230Vac) (A): 1.5 • Electrical input current (115Vac) (A): 3 • Five steps adjustable sound level (from 55- to 75dBA): • Self-check: • Power accuracy output warning • Split or not split patient plate allowed • Last working condition storing • Electrical Class (EN60601 - 1): I CF • MDD 93/42/EEC Class: II B • Patient circuit: F • Conform to EN60601-1-4 (1998) Standard accessories • KIRKY single-use handle without buttons • Operative foot-switch • Rod neutral electrode and cable (30563) • Kit of 6 short autoclavable electrodes, Ø 2.4 mm, lenght 5 cm • Power cable 2 m - Shuko plug • User manual: english, french, spanish, iItalian, polish

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