KRUUSE Feline Instrument Set (cats/small dogs), 8 Pieces

Tuotenro: K282366

The feline set is specially designed for cats and small dogs.
The combination enables the practitioner to conduct a full oral
examination (including uncovering of feline resorptive lesions), and
perform cleaning of all tooth surfaces - supra and subgingivally and
tooth extraction.

The set consists of:

K282347 KRUUSE Elevator, straight tip, 1 + 2 mm, stubby handle
K282395 KRUUSE Explorer and Measuring Probe, fine, cats/small dogs
K282400 KRUUSE Extraction Forceps, small, cats/small dogs
K282396 KRUUSE Periosteal Elevator, Double Ended, fine, cats/small dogs
K282397 KRUUSE Resorptive Lesion Probe
K282398 KRUUSE Sickle Scaler, fine, cats/small dogs
K282399 KRUUSE Curette, fine, cats/small dogs

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