NSK Low-Speed Instruments

Tuotenro: K282462

Working with Low-Speed procedures, the motor is a really important piece
of equipment. We have chosen this Low-Speed motor to give the vet as
many unsurpassed features as possible.
Approximately 25% shorter and 20% lighter compared to many other
micromotors for perfect balance.

Reducing stress and fatigue during procedures
-Runs 25,000 rpm maximum at 2-2.5 bar for optimal workout
-Possible forward and reverse rotation and manual speed control
-Fully autoclavable at 135°C and thermo disinfection in machine by 90°C
-Can be used on all other air-driven units with 4-holes Midwest coupler
-1-year warranty

NSK low-speed motor
NSK X-max M205LG Low speed motor w/water, w/LED


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